Product / Service #1

Retail Business Development Advice in Employee Recruitment and Customer Service to gear sales.

Credibility comes from boot camp on Tom Hopkins session and Jordan Belford’s NLP system on how to motivate and improve profit.

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Product / Service #2

Small Local Business Development on how to build a small business; from registering with Social Security, Capitalizing on Strength for business and using biblical scriptures to create a solid foundation of profit and remove the subtly of lack of integrity or greed rather than gain.

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Product / Service #3

Similar to Bing or Yelp; We advice clients on companies with great service as well as products for building a healthy business on budget.

i.e. Best companies to advertise for your specific business.


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Your Main Message

I do not work with businesses who are dishonest, illegal or lack integrity.  There must be a concrete idea and some funds available.  For the next 3 months, there will be up to one hour of free consultation allocated for our new clients. We do not anticipate any fraud therefore a contract must be signed to ensure there is consideration.


Next Steps…

Please contact us at jobadvicenow@gmail.com for your free consultation.